Friday, April 22, 2011

Meg + Alan's Love takes Flight

Happy Friday pretties!  Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a big fan of vintage style and I absolutely LOVE to travel.  So imagine how excited was I when one of my brides told me she wanted to combine the two into her upcoming wedding!  Alan, the groom-to-be, is a flight test incorporating planes into their wedding festivities was such a cute, personalized idea for these two lovebirds. Here is a sneak peek of the photo they used from their vintage inspired e-session to create their adorable Lucky-Luxe save the dates: 

Photography Credit:  Nikki Davis

Adorable, right??  Well, while their engagement session is decidedly all-American, their reception is taking on a bit of a different twist.  We are still in the design phase, but it's looking like their vintage travel vibe is crossing borders for a bit of an exotic feel, as well as infusing lots of old world glamour with beautiful jewel tones for the fall.  I can't wait to share the finished product!

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