Wednesday, February 15, 2012

rome (and weddings) are not built in a day.

I had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing and talented people at the Engage Conference in Grand Cayman this past November.  One of those people I am proud to consider a new friend - the talented Lindsay Piram.  At the time of the conference, Lindsay was working for another company but we are so excited at the news of her new endeavor - Lindsay Piram Creative.  We stumbled across this article Lindsay had written and just thought it was too good to not share with all of you!  Lindsay reminds everyone to stop and smell the roses during the planning process.

lately, i have heard, more than ever before that immediately after getting engaged, couples are booking all of their vendors in a day even when the wedding is more than a year away.  i have heard that they felt rushed or panicked and just wanted to get the contracts done.  i understand that feeling but we strongly encourage our brides to really do due diligence and select vendors slowly and carefully, here’s why:
 * it is true, venues book quickly.  especially in a city like ours.  however, you will spend a lot of money changing a venue into what you want it to be versus simply accenting a venue you innately love.  if you have not given a thought yet to decor + theme, guest count or budget, booking a venue is a bad idea.
 * things change.  while purple is the new black this season, it might just be “been there, done that” next season.  locking into bridesmaids dresses and table linens 15 months out in shades of lavender, might have you seeing red.
 * budget drives decisions, it has to.  no matter how much or how little you have to spend on your big day, hiring vendors that fit within your overall budget is important.  if you book a venue with a large room rental and food + beverage minimum and a fabulous photographer in one day, you may have just swallowed your entire wedding budget.  without being mindful of all budget line items (dress, floral, invitations, etc.) you could be eating into their portions before planning even begins. looking at vendors and their costs side by side allow you to see the bigger picture.
 * when working with a planner and or designer, they will guide you to the vendors that work for your look, budget and style.  vendors are not one size fits all.  photographers can be whimsical, artful, avant garde, photo journalistic, romantic.  you should pick one that best fits who you and your fiance are as people.  florists are similar.  while many can cross boundaries, most have an innate style where they shine most brightly.  if working without a planner or designer, take the time to interview your vendors.  look closely at their work but also if you feel good around them as they will be a part of your life for a year or more!
 we know planning a wedding is exciting (that is why we do it!), but it pays to slow down and hire the vendors that make the most sense overall.  rome, and weddings, just are not built in a day.


  1. many great ideas it's impossible to use them all in just one day! :)...

  2. thanks for the <3 julie! xoxo, lindsay