Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sweet on St. Michaels

 Katie and Mike are such a cute all-American couple with the quintessential hometown love story. Their families live just miles apart in the charming town of St. Michaels - a little island on Maryland's eastern shore where Katie grew up. While they both live in Annapolis now, they are still very close with their families and frequently go back to relax and spend quality time on the weekends. Katie's parents are still in the home she grew up in (which also happens to be the beautiful location of their October 1st wedding!)

St. Michaels happens to also be one of my favorite places, as well as one of the most picturesque towns I've ever seen. I was so excited to roll up my sleeves and help with wardrobe and light photo styling as well as scouting locations on the island off the main drag. This photo shoot with talented photographer Abby Jiu was so much fun and I absolutely can't wait for the wedding day! 

I absolutely fell in love with this tiny house!  And it's for sale - so tempting.

For Katie and Mike's engagement session, we opted to keep the pictures simple and chic. We lucked out with no April showers and with the cherry trees in full bloom.  If you have a gorgeous location, a little styling can go a long way - styling doesn't always mean you have to have a bit elaborate theme or setup. We kept the props to a minimum since wanted the natural beauty and charm factor of St. Michaels to shine through the pictures, as the backdrop to Katie and Mike's love story and the town that is so dear to their hearts.

The lovely Inn at Perry Cabin - where Wedding Crashers was filmed.

Outfit change!  Katie wanted to also take some fun, casual pictures in a more relaxed woodsy setting.  Mike has recently gotten Katie into the sport of shooting during their weekend visits, and waterfowl hunting  is also very popular on the shore - hence the hunter boots and plaid which Katie affectionately refers to as her "country" side :)

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