Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding for Two - Pt. I

When I first met with Ann and she explained to me their idea of an over-the-top secret elopement, I knew I had to be involved in this ultra-romantic affair.  Because none of their friends and family were to know about it, I was really the only one Ann could bounce ideas off of and get advice from - whether it was about florals, hair styles or statement necklaces.  Like myself, Ann has a background in interior design and I was quickly impressed with her great sense of style and sophisticated taste.  For this unique wedding, not only did I play the role of planner but also in part as stylist, confidant and friend.

Ann knew one thing for certain from the moment we met - she wanted fabulous pictures.  Ann and Scott's big day functioned as one big photoshoot complete with Maxim cover model, Krista Mills, serving as a posing coach.  She couldn't have hired a better photographer for the job - David Hartcorn rocked it.We had so much fun - a lot of times pictures can feel rushed on the wedding day, but here it was {almost} the main event!  We were privileged to work with some of the best DC vendors on this unique wedding.

Venue/Catering - The Jefferson Hotel, DC
Photography - David Hartcorn
Makeup - Carl Ray
Posing Coach - Maxim Cover Model, Krista Mills
Planning/Styling - Strawberry Milk Events

I was so excited to work with the amazing celebrity makeup artist Carl Ray - who is also Michelle Obama's personal makeup artist.
Carl Ray, celebrity makeup artist

Giselle is the go-to hair guru in the district.  She is a delight and a true pro when it comes to lovely locks.
Giselle works her hair magic 

The groom enjoys a little pampering with a hot lather shave

I have to pause to tell you about Rev. Settembrini.  When I worked as Wedding Sales Manager for a hotel downtown we did 60+ weddings a year.  One of my brides brought Gioele in as her officiant and I immediately fell for his charms.  He is nothing short of adorable - his beautiful italian accent, his warm charisma and the obvious passion for what he does.  I swear, the first time you meet him you'll feel like he's your best friend's grandfather that you've known for years.  And did I mention opera?  Oh yes, he is also an amazing opera singer (which will catch you off guard in a marvelous way when he busts into an amazing rendition of an old Italian song at the end of the vows.)  To make a long story short, the first time I met him and was smitten at that wedding some years ago, he didn't have a card on him.  He said he would follow up with me the next week - but things happen and people forget.  He was always in the back of my mind - but I didn't even have a name to go on and my bride who had hired him was now living in France.

Rev. Gioele Settembrini gazing out at the DC Monuments
Fast forward to Ann and Scott's wedding - I'm in the kitchen of the Presidential Suite styling some fruit and cheese trays when I hear someone enter the suite singing opera at the top of their lungs.  It only took me half a second and my heart fluttered a little - could it really be him?!  And indeed it was!  It was so serendipitous.  He was still cute as a button and arrived 3 hours early, in his way, because he likes to be prepared.  He kept me company telling me stories about Italy and his family as I styled away.  I was so surprised to learn that he officiates wedding ceremonies out of the goodness of his heart and considers it a ministry.  He said he doesn't ask for any money, but some people still pay him.  You don't run across that very much these days!  Needless to say I got several cards this time - and we have even chatted on the phone a few times since the wedding.

The stunning diamond earrings were Ann's mothers and functioned as her "something old."

Prepping for First Look!

I love her expression here!

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  1. Love seeing these pretty getting ready details- David rocked it! And that is one AMAZING dress. Can't wait to see Part II!